Many of you must have heard about Akismet plugin but may not be knowing about its actual use. This is something interesting which help you to make a spam FREE wordpress. In this article I am going to tell you about Akismet plugin and its use.

Akismet is one of the free plugins which comes with stock wordpress. It is very essential plugin to get rid of spam comments in wordpress. You might have noticed the spam comments on your live wordpress blog. Akismet plugin protects wordpress from these spam comments. However, to activate this plugin you need to enter API key. Now how to get FREE api key from Akismet website.

From plugin setting page click on Get Akismet API Key button, it will redirect you to akismet website and will ask you to sign up for the Akismet account. In Pricing options, you need to select Personal option.

Complete the Akismet sign up form, and you need to make a single change. In yearly contribution(on right side), move the slider to $0, and you will be done with the payment option. Finish the sign-up and click on continue. You will get the Akismet API key in the popup window. Also will receive the same via Email.

Now enter this key in Akismet plugin setting page and it will activate the plugin. Once it is activated, Akismet will start protecting your wordpress from spam comments.

How to get free Akismet plugin API Key for WordPress
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